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The Test of English for International Communication or TOEIC – comes from Educational Testing Service or ETS just like the TOEFL test. But, unlike the TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language that is more geared toward the academic language, the TOEIC test focuses more on English in the business world.

It is now used as a certification tool by 5500 organizations across the globe and evaluates listening, as well as reading comprehension in business English. Not to mention, this test is specifically popular with the international firms as it makes it easier to compare the language skills od each and every staff member. Though many use the test to assess the efficiency of training measures.

As per the Educational Testing Service, over 5 million people appear in this examination every single year. And it takes almost 2.5 hours. The examination is divided into a reading comprehension section (75 minutes) and a listening section (45 minutes), each with 100 questions.

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TOEIC Certificates:           

There are mainly 5 different levels of achievement with TOEIC – Orange, Brown, Green, Blue, and Gold.

A certificate of Achievement generally comes in 5 different colors for coinciding with these levels.

Certificate Color Minimum Score
Orange 10
Brown 220
Green 470
Blue 730
Gold 860





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